Getting the most from your online breastfeeding/infant feeding consultation

On-line video breastfeeding consultations can be very effective and enable support, information & guidance to be accessed during times when face-to-face consultations are not possible.

These tips can help you get the most from your online consultation:

  • Have a moveable camera ready to use – you can use a mobile phone or tablet for online consultations.
  • Ideally hold your consultation in the space where you would usually feed your baby and where you feel comfortable, but ensure you have good lighting and sufficient wi-fi/ phone signal in the room you are using.
  • A stand for your camera may be useful when you are talking and not needing to move the camera around.
  • You may find headphones are useful if the speaker is not clear on the device you are using.
  • Bear in mind possible delays in the connection, so allow for a slight gap at the end of replies to ensure understanding.
  • Have someone with you where possible to hold the camera and help move this into position so you and your practitioner can focus on your discussion.
  • Be ready to film your baby feeding. Ideally, your breastfeeding supporter will see footage of baby latched taken from in front / side so body positions of you both can be seen. Also, shots of baby latching & the feeding position from different angles can be helpful. It is particularly helpful to film from above baby’s head as baby comes to the breast to feed. You could perhaps hold the camera under your chin, if you don’t have someone else to help you. It may be possible to send short videos in advance.
  • Film any behaviour that concern you (fussing, wind, crying etc.) to share with your practitioner. These behaviours and latching concerns may not be replicated during your consultation so it is useful to have these in advance.
  • Write yourself a list of questions you wish to ask during the call. This gives you time to consider what you want to gain from your consultation and to ensure you do not forget important concerns that you want to discuss. Sometimes an immediate answer may not be possible & your practitioner may need to gather information to send on to you.

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