The ABM offers a range of training options, from our short courses, to in-depth courses for parents and professionals to enable them to support others with breastfeeding.

Team Baby: getting ready to breastfeed.

We know that breastfeeding is teamwork. It’s about knowing how breastfeeding works, knowing how newborns behave and knowing where to get help.

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ABM Peer Supporter Course

This course will ensure that you have a good knowledge of normal breastfeeding, and fill in any gaps you may have. As a Peer Supporter, you will offer support and encourage normal breastfeeding, not solve complicated breastfeeding problems.  We anticipate that the 11 pathways and two breastfeeding observations will need approximately 35 hours of study.  

Please note that as the Peer Supporter course is for voluntary work it cannot be associated with any business, and must be kept separate. If you are a health professional in the field of infant feeding, or anyone who works in an infant-related job you must already be involved in voluntary work associated with lactation to be eligible for this course. If you wish to associate a breastfeeding support qualification with your business then the Foundation course is suitable.


The ABM Learn Peer Supporter course is a self-led online learning module via desktop or mobile app. Applications are open all year round, and there are no specific ‘intake’ dates. 

An application form (link below) must be completed before you proceed to enrol on ABM Learn. Do not enrol on this course without being formally accepted or you risk losing your fee.

  • 12 week course: £45.00 (includes 1 year’s ABM membership)

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Eight modules by email with online and real life support. Takes approximately 2 years to complete.

Please note: The Peer Supporter module must be passed before starting Breastfeeding Counsellor training

  • £100 (plus £20 annual membership fee)

Breastfeeding Support Training Foundation Module

A 16 week course that gives you a grounding in normal breastfeeding and human lactation (for professionals or those who may not have breastfed).

  • £175.00 (includes 1 year's ABM membership)

Breastfeeding Support Training Advanced Module

This course follows a syllabus very similar to that of our in-depth breastfeeding counsellor course.

  • £725 (includes 2 years’ ABM membership)