Breastfeeding Support Group

Supporting Mothers, Nurturing Families

Welcome to the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

ABM are a group of trained volunteers dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mums and their families. We’ve been supporting mums and nurturing families for almost 40 years. We’d love you to join us. Become a member of the ABM and help us continue our work.

As well as supporting breastfeeding mums, we offer training for mothers, families and healthcare professionals who want to further their knowledge. Many of our breastfeeding counsellors are mums who’ve benefited from ABM support and now want to share their knowledge and experience.

More than Milk Video

More than Milk

Breastfeeding is More Than Milk. Congratulations! Your new baby is here! But what do you do with them?

Resources for Schools

These resources can be used in school (EYFS to KS3) to contribute to normalising breastfeeding.

How Lactation Works

How Lactation Works

Find out how your milk making Superpower works! Check out our fab new video. Illustrated and animated by Jojo Ford Illustration

Supporting Mothers, Nurturing Families
Join the ABM and help support new families.
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