Breastfeeding Support Training: Advanced

This course follows a syllabus very similar to that of our in-depth breastfeeding counsellor course.

£725 (includes 2 years’ ABM membership)

 If you’re interested in advancing your knowledge in breastfeeding support but you don’t wish to train as an ABM breastfeeding counsellor (or you don’t fulfil the criteria) you may be interested in completing this course. It is suitable for those who may not have breastfed at all. You would start with our online Foundation module (as above) then proceed to our email-correspondence course for a further eight modules. This course is particularly suitable as foundation training in lactation issues for busy health professionals involved in leading breastfeeding support services.

Our training team are experienced international board certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs), healthcare professionals and breastfeeding counsellors. The course is regularly updated according to the latest evidence. Although the course is distance-learning based, the training team are on hand to discuss the modules and offer feedback throughout. The course consists of short and long questions as well as practical tasks.

The cost of the course includes two years of ABM membership and is completed through home study. It takes approximately two years to complete. You aren’t going to join the ABM helpline so this training course is not subsidised and requires a greater financial commitment. You’ll have the support of a regional co-ordinator who will give you help and guidance throughout your training.

Although this course does follow the content of the breastfeeding counsellor course, it does not lead to the title of ‘ABM breastfeeding counsellor’ as that can only be used by someone who has breastfed and offers exclusively voluntary support to parents.