#FeedOn is a new social awareness campaign by RÅN studio and the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (ABM), using photography and film to help normalise breastfeeding in public.


Our earlier project featured a series of women freely breastfeeding in public places across landmark locations in London. One year on, we have taken 40 further photographs across the U.K. We have added families from Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Barrow-in-Furness, Manchester and Cambridge. These images are free for download and use in the circumstances described below.


Thank you to all the families that took part in this project.

The images from our #feedon campaign are free to use, provided the image is not cropped to remove logos. Additionally, the images should not be used for commercial purposes nor by an organisation that does not abide by the international code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes. If you represent an organisation and would like to incorporate the images into your work, please contact admin@abm.me.uk.