Summer 2020

As part of our latest campaign, #FeedIn, we asked people to share with us their images and experiences of breastfeeding at home during lockdown. We know so many of you have been at home feeding your babies and little ones, and breastfeeding has never been more important than it is now. Here’s what some of our members had to say…

“Lockdown meant latch on and never let go – it’s given me wonderful moments of calm amongst the craziness of homeschooling!”

“Lockdown meant struggling with an undiagnosed tongue tie for three months. Battling through bottle preference and now using an SNS – it was cut today hopeful that we can start to enjoy feeding soon because I know how amazing it can be as feeding his sister was lovely.”

“Lockdown has taken my 18 month old from 2-3 feeds most days to 2-3 feeds most hours. I love it at times and find it overwhelming often. The boobnastics are impressive and occasionally uncomfortable!”

“He had weaned at 3.5 but during lockdown we’ve been having lazy mornings and cuddles in bed where he’s latched on a few times again. He turned four last week.”

“It means my daughter feeds more but that‘s cool…more love more oxytocin.”

“I love being able to fully relax. When she feeds I feel my body relax, and knowing I don’t have anywhere to be makes it even better.”

“I‘ve really enjoyed the fact that we can take our time. We‘re not rushing about taking siblings here, there and everywhere. The modern stresses of life are gone. It’s like having my first baby again. Never thought I’d get an opportunity like this with my number three. Feel so fortunate.”

“Lockdown (and no visiting) meant we could really concentrate on feeding. Especially being baby number three, it would have been really hard to juggle the nursery runs and various toddler activities!”

“I’ve been breastfeeding my fourth baby during lockdown. We’ve gone from tube feeding and pumping 8-10x a day alongside establishing breastfeeding to exclusive breastfeeding. It’s been hard work but I’ve loved that rush of oxytocin and the chance to sit and reconnect whilst trying to juggling life with my older children.”

“Working from home, whilst managing nap time with my 2.5 year old. She‘s fed so much more during lockdown, constantly asking for boobie. My eldest also turned four during lockdown, and he declared that once he was four he was stopping booby, and he did, just like that.”

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