Application Form for Training and Development Fund

How to apply

  • Applications are welcome from ABM breastfeeding counsellors and qualified ABM Peer Supporters (who have completed the course in its entirety).
  • Peer supporter applicants are more likely to be successful if they are active as a peer supporter mentor, coordinator or marker.
  • BFC applicants will only be considered if they are currently active on the helpline but there will be extra consideration to those who take on additional voluntary roles with the ABM e.g. marker, mentor, PSC.
  • All information given here will be kept confidential within the fund committee (Caroline Bolton, Ann Bruce and Eleanor Campbell). Your BFCC may be contacted for information on your helpline commitment.
  • If you are asking for funds towards the IBCLE – lactation consultant exam – please note, we will only fund breastfeeding counsellors who have completed 2 years on the helpline, taken the required number of calls in that time, continue to be active on the helpline and are making an additional contribution to the ABM e.g. marker, mentor, PSC.
  • Candidates are welcome to make repeat applications but priority may be given to first time applicants.
  • Please make your requests as specific as possible e.g. a confirmed date for a training event, details of expenses rather than just a general amount. A request that lacks specific details is unlikely to be successful. Please give details of course content. Training should be breastfeeding related and within BFC or PS remit.
  • If you are applying for a conference place or for training contribution, you will not receive the money directly if you are successful but your costs will be covered.
  • An application cannot be made for ABM membership alone.

Training and Development Fund Guidelines V.2 Aug 2022

Application Form