Doula training for breastfeeding support roles

ABM training opportunities

Doulas who are members of Doula UK are welcome to train with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers for breastfeeding support roles. There are three training options available.

Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother and Baby: Foundation Level

£175 (including first year’s membership fees)

This online course is similar in content to the Mother Supporter training which the ABM offers to volunteer peer supporters. It is an introduction to the key elements of supporting women in their breastfeeding journey. You do not need to have breastfed yourself to apply for this course. You are asked to join the ABM and maintain membership for the duration of the time that you refer to the qualification as part of your doula practice. You are expected to keep your knowledge updated through reading the ABM magazine and on-going training is encouraged. Supervision is provided by your ABM Regional Supervisor and Doula UK equivalent.

Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother and Baby: Advanced Level

£725 (including 2 years’ membership fees)

If you are interested in completing our breastfeeding training to the same level as our breastfeeding counsellors, but don’t wish to go on the helpline, this course is appropriate. The course gives a thorough training in breastfeeding support and lactation management. You will be assigned a supervisor who will give you help and support throughout your training. You will be able to offer mothers breastfeeding support and advertise your qualification as long as your remain an ABM member, but will be required to work within the ABM Codes of Conduct at all times. You will have equivalent knowledge to a breastfeeding counsellor but not receive the title, as you are not going on to fulfil our counsellor commitments. You do not need to have breastfed yourself to complete this course.

ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor Course

£125 (plus membership fees)

An ABM breastfeeding counsellor needs to have breastfed for at least six months before starting training and we’ll ask you to provide a reference from your Doula UK mentor. After training, an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor must answer helpline calls from her own home for at least two years. You’ll need to keep your ABM membership up to date and either attend an approved study day each year or complete a revision module.  There are nine training modules including the introductory Mother Supporter module and eight Breastfeeding Counsellor training modules. The initial Mother Supporter module is available online. The following eight modules are sent and marked by email. The training normally takes about two years to complete and gives a thorough training in breastfeeding support and lactation management, as well as the counselling and listening skills needed to  volunteer on the national helplines. Many of our counsellors also choose to run breastfeeding drop-ins and support in their local community. As a qualified counsellor you’ll have a probationary period of 6 months on the helpline during which you’ll be well supported by your regional co-ordinator.

To apply for any of these courses, please email: or write to us: ABM, PO Box 1629, Bedford
MK42 5EF