Reference Form - ABM Courses

The ABM provides breastfeeding support training to mums and health professionals. Our training is mostly distance learning so the training team rarely meets a student in a face to face situation. Because of this, we ask each potential student to provide a reference from someone who holds a position of responsibility. It may be someone you have worked with, or volunteered with, but she/he should be someone who has seen you interacting with others and fulfilling responsibilities, whether or not this included supporting new mums and families. A family member isn’t an appropriate referee.


    Unique Reference*: Please enter the unique reference which appeared on the email you received from the ABM. This will enable us to correspond this reference with the correct application.

    (We may contact you to discuss the application)


    1: How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?

    2: How would you describe the applicant’s character?

    3: How would you describe the applicant’s interaction with other people?

    4: Do you think she will be able to support breastfeeding mothers on successful completion of the training?

    5: Are you aware of the applicant having undertaken any other training/activities eg. Midwife or doula training?

    6: If you have any reservations or if you have any other information you would like us to know about the applicant, please tell us here: