Training application Form - ABM Peer Supporter course

How to apply

  • Please download the reference form here and obtain a reference from someone who knows you professionally (ie. In a work context, friends and family are not suitable referees), once complete, have them return it to you then upload it where prompted when you complete the application form.
  • Complete and submit the application form below. Do not submit your application without uploading your reference.
  • If you experience any difficulty submitting the online form, please download the application form here, complete, and return it along with your reference to 
  • Please don’t order/purchase this course online without being formally accepted or you risk losing your fee.
  • Although you may be able to purchase the course on our courses portal, your enrolment isn’t complete until we have received your application and verified your reference.

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   Reference form to download


Before applying please read:

Important: The ABM Peer Supporter course is for mothers who want to support other breastfeeding mothers voluntarily. It is not available for anyone who is a health professional in the field of infant feeding, or anyone who works in an infant-related job. This may also apply to people who work privately in postnatal support, baby massage, hypnobirthing and other jobs supporting new mothers. Please include this information in your answer to question 2. Please note PS / BFC status is not valid outside of the UK. If a PS / BFC changes their residency to outside the UK or is temporarily out of the UK for longer than three months, then their status is no longer valid and is revoked. This applies to training status also.

    Your Details

    The Peer Supporter course is only for those who live in the UK. In submitting this application I am confirming I live in the UK.

    Unique Reference*: Please enter todays date (DD/MM/YY) followed by your initials (This will be your unique reference)

    Group Booking: If you're applying as part of a group booking please state the name of the group your application is in relation to:

    Please state if you are already an ABM member, if you are you will receive a discount code that will offset this cost if accepted onto the course.

    Your reference

    Please upload a completed reference file, a copy of which can be downloaded below. If you have issues with this then please email the reference form to
       Reference form to download


    1: The ABM is a mother-to-mother organisation. It's essential that you've breastfed for at least six months before applying so that you've already met and coped with major stages e.g. growth spurts. We expect that you would have thought about starting (and introduced at least some) solid foods to your baby by the time you complete the course so you have personal experience of this stage. Please confirm that you have reached this requirement.

    2: I confirm I am not a health professional, student or been accepted onto a course in the field of infant feeding, or anyone who works in an infant-related job

    3: Please tell us about your life outside motherhood, particularly if it involves pregnant women or new mums, and your work (paid or voluntary)

    4: What were your experiences of pregnancy and giving birth?

    5: What was your experience of breastfeeding? (from a practical and emotional point of view)

    6: What was your experience of introducing solids with your breastfed baby, and (if applicable) weaning from the breast?

    7: Did you have any breastfeeding problems and how did you cope with them?

    8: If you had the chance, would you do anything different next time? (with regard to parenting and/or breastfeeding)

    9: Have you read any books on breastfeeding and childcare? Which did you find helpful and why?

    10: Why do you want to study the ABM Mother Supporter module?

    11: What you see yourself doing in two years’ time? Please let us know if you plan to train or work in an infant-feeding related role.

    12: If you have a role (voluntary or paid) within an organisation associated with babies and toddlers, it’s important that your organisation is compliant with the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes. If applicable, please give a brief explanation of your organisation and your role within it. How do you plan to combine your existing role with an ABM Peer Supporter role?

    13: Do you speak any other languages fluently? If so, which ones?

    Acceptance Terms

    14: Please confirm that you understand you must enrol within 6 weeks of acceptance and that once enrolled you will have 12 weeks to complete this course.

    Students have twelve weeks to complete the Peer Supporter course from the day you choose to enrol on the course online. We’ll confirm your course completion date by email. In exceptional circumstances, you can apply to the course manager for an extension to the deadline. This may incur an admin fee.

    15: Once your module is marked, your feedback will often include a request for extra work. And then, possibly, a further second set of revisions which will also have a deadline. If the second request for extra work does not reach the standard required, this will mean you are not considered ready for the role of ABM Peer Supporter. You will be welcome to reflect on your feedback and, when you feel you are ready, to reapply.

    16: Please read and confirm you understand the following points when applying for the Peer Supporter (MS) course:

    • MS qualification should be used for voluntary work, not as a boost to any midwifery or similar application.
    • Applicants for the MS course must not be planning to apply for midwifery or similar course with a full calendar year of applying for MS.
    • Students must have completed the MS course and marking process before applying for midwifery or similar training.
    • If I do apply for midwifery or similar training within the year or before completing the course, I understand I have the option to pay the difference and transfer to the Foundation course. Otherwise, my MS course will be deleted without a refund.

    We’ll acknowledge your application (please allow up to three days at busy times).

    Your application will be password-protected with only key members of the training team having access. If you’d like to encrypt your application before sending it to us, please email or phone 08444 122948 to let us know your chosen password.

    Personal details will be stored securely. If you’ve mentioned any details about your children as part of your personal history, please let us know if you give us permission to store these details.

    * Please ensure you keep this window open after hitting "submit" to allow time for the reference file to upload. If you are experiencing any difficulties uploading the reference attachment - please submit this form without the attachment and email the reference separately to using the Unique Reference entered above as the email subject.