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The ABM is a charity so your donations and membership subscriptions are vital in supporting the work we do. You an also use and buy products from Amazon using the links on this website.


We offer several training courses and can also provide support and information to midwives and other health professionals. Visit this page to read the testimonials of some of our former trainees.

Support options

In addition to accessing information on this site you can also access support via our Helpline number 0300 330 5453, by email or by live web chat.

Breastfeeding Information

We have a wealth of information about breastfeeding that can be accessed for free or purchased as leaflets. We also provide links to useful books and other organisations and websites.

Latest breastfeeding news & information

Breastfeeding and Work

All new parents need support when returning to work, whether or not they are breastfeeding. But the confusion over the rights of breastfeeding women who want to take lactation breaks challenges both mothers and employers. In our work supporting mothers and families, we realise that returning to … [Read More...]

Breastfeeding and family break up in the UK

Family break up raises emotional and stressful questions about childcare arrangements, which couples sometimes find difficult to agree upon. This leaflet provides information about the legal framework surrounding arrangements for children following a family break up and how these relate to a … [Read More...]

Marketing of breastmilk substitutes

Article by Melanie Fraser, ABM BFC What is the purpose of an advert for formula milks? Is the aim to increase access to formula for those who can’t breastfeed? Is it to persuade people to change from an inadequate brand to the advertised brand? Or is to persuade mums who are breastfeeding to … [Read More...]

Baby with tongue tie

Frenulotomy – Tongue tie release

In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines state that a tongue tie release should only be performed by an appropriately trained registered health care professional (IPG 149. Division of ankyloglossia (tongue-tie) for breastfeeding. December 2005) The … [Read More...]

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