Training with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Education about breastfeeding is a core aim of the ABM. We offer several different training courses about breastfeeding. If you have breastfed for at least 6 months, we can offer qualifications as a Mother Supporter or as a Breastfeeding Counsellor. If you have no experience of breastfeeding yourself and wish to support breastfeeding mothers and babies we also provide opportunities to learn. Some of our students are health care professionals or doulas, whereas other trainees are volunteers who provide mother-to-mother support. Most of our courses are distance learning but we can also offer group courses.

Our training courses

  • Mother Supporter
  • Breastfeeding Counsellor
  • Supporting the breastfeeding mother and baby: Foundation level
  • Supporting the breastfeeding mother and baby: Advanced level
  • ABM Breastfeeding Course (groups)
  • Antenatal breastfeeding workshops

Mother Supporter training

£25 (plus membership fees)

Mother Supporters are positive role models. who support and encourage local mothers with straightforward breastfeeding relationships, as a well-informed friend. A Mother Supporter would only be helping others in a voluntary capacity, so this course is not valid for those working in a paid role or as a doula for example. Mother Supporters do not offer counselling or detailed breastfeeding information for solving problems. However they can put a mum in touch with her nearest breastfeeding counsellor.

Mother Supporters complete a short home study course to highlight certain areas of breastfeeding – this is also a prerequisite for full counsellor training if you later decide to move on to that. If you are not sure whether breastfeeding counsellor training is for you, the Mother Supporter training will give you a taste of what’s involved.

All Mother Supporters must have breastfed (not necessarily without problems) for at least six months. Mother Supporters are expected to keep up to date by maintaining ABM membership and reading the ABM magazine.

All trainees are required to complete our Mother Supporter module before applying for our Breastfeeding Counsellor training.

Breastfeeding Counsellor training

£100 (plus membership fees)

After successfully completing the Mother Supporter module to a satisfactory standard, you can apply to train as a Breastfeeding Counsellor.

The ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor training is based around eight modules, which are all completed by home study and are posted for assessment. There is then a six month, supported, probationary counselling period. Our counsellors tell us how rewarding it is to be able to listen to the concerns of breastfeeding mums and be able to offer help and reassurance.

The training programme includes anatomy and physiology, the management of breastfeeding, assessing and evaluating problems and how to resolve them with counselling and listening skills. There is also a practical breastfeeding observation to complete and practice telephone counselling with tutors which prepares trainees for offering appropriate information and support on the helpline.

The modules contain short answer questions, as well as scenarios covering counselling and listening skills and practical work. The course is demanding and therefore not suitable for anyone already engaged in further learning e.g. Open University or midwifery courses. Attendance at regional workshops and study days are strongly recommended.

All Breastfeeding Counsellor trainees have a regional supervisor, who will support them throughout training and beyond. Trainees with email can access further support throughout their training through our discussion group for trainees and counsellors.

Breastfeeding Counsellor training takes approximately two years to complete in addition to the time taken to complete the mother supporter module. Training is flexible so that study can be fitted around family life, and there are no required weekends away or set dates for study sessions. We ask that each module is completed within eight weeks.

After training, an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellors is expected to remain a counsellor for at least two years and offer telephone counselling through our helpline in their own homes. During training you will be required to sign a contract agreeing to this and to abide by the ABM’s code of conduct.

To remain a Breastfeeding Counsellor, ABM membership subscriptions must be paid promptly and you should attend either an approved study day or complete a revision module every year. Regular communication with regional coordinators and supervisors is also required. The ABM is a mother-to-mother organisation and the role of a breastfeeding counsellor is not normally suitable for those in a paid health professional or breastfeeding role. However, it may be possible for a mother in a paid position to train as a breastfeeding counsellor if they demonstrate their strong commitment to fulfilling their voluntary responsibilities and appreciate the need to separate their voluntary work from their paid role. You can read more about the training options we offer doulas here.

Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother and Baby: Foundation Level

£200 (including 2 years’ membership fees)

This course is suitable for those in a paid role e.g. doulas and children’s centre workers and can be offered as a course or a postal module depending on individual circumstances. This course is not a breastfeeding counsellor qualification but does encourage a broader scope of study and research that will give you a deeper understanding of how breastfeeding works and a good foundation to further your breastfeeding education.

The cost of this course includes two years’ membership fee and includes support during training. If you are in a paid role your employer would be responsible for ongoing supervision. You do not need to have breastfed yourself to complete this course.

Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother and Baby: Advanced Level

£750 (including 2 years’ membership fees)

If you are interested in advancing your knowledge in breastfeeding support but you do not wish to train as an ABM breastfeeding counsellor (or you do not fulfill the criteria) you may be interested in completing this course. The course is suitable for those who may not have breastfed at all.

The cost of the course includes two years of ABM membership and is completed through home study. It takes approximately two years to complete. This course follows the syllabus of our breastfeeding counsellor training but does not lead to a breastfeeding counsellor qualification. You don’t join the ABM helpline so this training course is not subsidised and requires a greater financial commitment. You will be assigned a supervisor who will give you help and support throughout your training.

ABM Breastfeeding Course (groups)

The ABM has offering breastfeeding training for over 30 years and we were the first organisation to offer this type of training. Our Breastfeeding course, usually on your own premises, is delivered by qualified breastfeeding counsellors who are also experienced facilitators.

Well trained breastfeeding supporters, who have developed good listening and communication skills and who are aware of confidentiality and boundaries, can be a valuable asset to managers when working towards breastfeeding targets. We strongly recommend that they have adequate support and supervision and are not expected to work outside the scope of their training, knowledge or experience.

ABM-trained breastfeeding supporters will have supervision for at least a year after the course is completed. A typical course consists of eight sessions of two hours each. We can tailor courses to meet your needs, so please contact us for more information.

Our breastfeeding training course is in line with UNICEF BFI and NICE guidelines. 

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops

Our experienced training team may be able to help you develop your own antenatal breastfeeding workshops tailored to your own circumstances.

Applying for training

Contact our training team by emailing or write to us: ABM, PO Box 207, Bridgwater TA6 7YT

Training testimonials

If you’re interested in finding out what our former trainees think of our training you can visit this page and read their testimonials.

To download written information about our training courses click here.